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Applebee visit today

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By on Sat, 03-30-02, 01:33

Today we were at applebees. We never eat desserts in restaurants. But, today I asked the waitress about their ice cream sundaes.

I explained the PA situation. I asked if they served any ice cream or toppings with nuts. The waitress said no. Then I asked about loose nuts in the sundae bar area. When I used to waitress, those nuts got into everything. The waitress explained that the icecream and toppings were separated by a window from the prep area with the nuts. She said that they did not contaminate the icecream.

I liked the answer she gave me. She was willing to listen and answer my questions. I asked specific questions.

My daughter, however, was not comfortable with the answer and chose not to have anything. I was so proud of her.

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By erik on Sat, 03-30-02, 03:45


Another question you may want to ask is what type of ice cream they use. Even if theer are no nuts in it, almost every ice cream out there says "may contain peanuts".. ie: Nestle, Breyers, Movenpick, etc...

I can never eat ice cream these days as the warning is on everything.. although some Chapman's ice cream is made on nut-free lines [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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By wood145 on Sat, 03-30-02, 18:52

Are you in Canada or the US? Here in the US I've never noticed a may contain on Breyers and we've always used them without a problem. I'm guessing that they probably don't put in on the lable but that it probably is a risk for cross contam. Thanks, Karen

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By rwm2_2000 on Mon, 08-08-11, 17:03

We went to Applebee's in Macon Ga yesterday and it took us over an hour and a half to get our meal over. We had to finally ASK a waiter to take our order. They were NOT crowded at all. I spilled my drink and when I left the ice had melted on the floor-no one even attempted to get the ice up. It smelled when we entered but we went on in anyhow. We told a cashier at Walmart about our experience and she said she got a free meal when it happened to her. This was at the Applebee's on Eisenhower Drive in Macon ga...I've been to other Applebee's and NEVER had this bad experience. The food was ok but their service absolutely stunk.

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By Vrobertson88 on Mon, 06-18-12, 16:39

Many ice cream compaines have been adding coconut oil to their products (mostly in their chocolate chips). I know this is not a peanut but just an FYI.

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