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Anyone use the Epinephrine-Mate - Plastic EpiPen Holder

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By MommyOfTwo on Tue, 07-29-08, 22:03

When we were in GA the military hospital there had Twinject so that is what we carried. Those are getting ready to expire so at DS's 18 month appt I had the dr. write the script for new ones. I guess the military hospital here in TX carries only the EpiPen. I liked the Twinject because there is a handy little clip that goes on perfectly on a pocket on my purse. The EpiPens they gave me have no clips.

I found the Epinephrine-Mate - Plastic EpiPen Holder online but I can't for the life of me find a picture that shows me the clip on it. Does anyone use this holder? Is there a regular clip on the back? Do you like it?


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By cristym on Wed, 07-30-08, 01:59

It is amazing what you can find on ebay. :) Please check out the auction to see if it is the same one you are looking at.

Quote: Carry with the belt clip or hook and strap. Use the magnets to visibly store case on refrigerator or medicine cabinet. Waterproof stick-on labels display allergy information and personal identification. Top sliders provide privacy. Two cases can easily be attached together. Antihistamine and prescription storage. UV protected and water-resistant. Float ring. Latex-free. Package contains 1 Epinephrine-Mate case and accessories (Auto-injector not included).


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By MommyOfTwo on Wed, 07-30-08, 15:41

Those are the ones I was looking at alright! That picture gave me a closer view too. Thanks!!! Although I'm not sure I need dozen of them! LOL! :-)

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