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Anyone try brownie mix without the eggs?

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By becca on Wed, 08-13-03, 23:50

I have an eggless recipe, but an cooking alot for a crowd and really want a shortcut. I might need to do 2 batches, plus a bunch of other stuff. Anyone ever try a mix(Betty Crocker) without the eggs? becca

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By Donni on Thu, 08-14-03, 00:05

Can't say that I've tried a brownie mix without the eggs but if I was going to make brownies without eggs, I'd do it from a mix rather than from scratch. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

You might consider an egg replacement, the powdered type? (Can't think of the name right now but I have a bit on my shelf!) Eggs add moisture, richness, thickness, and loftliness. Since brownies don't rise, forget the loftliness. Moisture, richness, and thickness can be achieved by adding oil (3 T. = 1 egg rather than 1/4 c. = 1 egg).

All thoughts from an experienced baker who dares to try new things all the time! [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/biggrin.gif[/img] Hope it helps!

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By Tamie on Thu, 08-14-03, 00:27

I hope you read this before you try it! lol I have tried homemade brownies and mixes for brownies with the egg replacer and it never comes out. The brownies do not rise at all and cook forever, when you take them out of the oven and they cool, they are hard as a rock. Horrible!

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By becca on Thu, 08-14-03, 00:35

LOL, Tamie. I am back with 2 boxes and nothing to lose. I will try adding some extra oil(to prevent that hardness) and perhaps a teaspoon or two of baking powder. I generally add extra baking powder to my banana bread even with the egg replacer and it rises much better.

I will let you guys know and thanks for such speedy replies! becca

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By becca on Thu, 08-14-03, 03:19

They are gooey and taste good, but don't look good. I wouldn't serve them for company, but they are edible for us! I only had exactly the 1/2 cup of oil I needed for the box directions, so subbed a couple of scoops of vanilla yogurt for the eggs. Even added a teaspoon of baking powder. They did not rise at all in the middle, and I cooked 5 extra mins. Still fudgy and soft, though. Perhaps too soft for some.

All in all, not a total flop, but I think I will stick to my "vegan brownines" without egg in the recipe(previously posted). I think the eggs are needed for the crusty shiny top on the brownies, as even my other eecipe never gets that perfect look. becca

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By wendysco on Sat, 08-16-03, 03:24

Don't know if my stuff is company presentable but it tastes pretty good, I like applesauce in the brownies when you use egg replacer, I think it makes them chewier and the natural sugar makes them hold together better. But these are scratch brownies, we can't use a mix. To be honest I dump applesause in everything now, zucchini bread, banana bread, and tonight I used it in wheat free sugar cookies and they're pretty good.

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By tgab on Sat, 08-23-03, 04:25

I have used egg replacer in cake mixes with good results, but haven't tried brownies.

One thing I do, with the egg replacer, is use a little extra. I make the mixture look more like the size of a real egg. I'm not sure if it helps, but it seems to. I use egg replacer in all kinds of recipes and they always turn out fine.

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By becca on Sat, 08-23-03, 19:41

Tgab, I too, use a generous amount of egg replacer. I actually have run out, so I did not use it in the brownies. However I do not always find it comes out fine when I do use egg replacer, LOL! The other trick I try is also adding a bit of baking powder to the dry ingredients, and still using the egg repacer. This is perfect in my banana bread. becca

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By tando on Mon, 08-25-03, 19:12

Hi Becca,
I used to bake no egg recipes for myself. It's been a while, but I too found the brownies more fudgey (and frankly squashy) than cakey. Your not for company comment made me laugh. Once I tried packing one of my squashy brownies for lunch -- it looked like a cow patty when I opened it. Went back in the lunch bag very quickly!

Substitutions worked best for me with one-egg recipes. I'll try to find my old recipe.


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By becca on Mon, 08-25-03, 20:08

Thanks! I actually have a great vegan brownie from scratch recipe. Easy as it is, I was wanting to try the mix to save some energy, time and clean-up for a party I was having. I am pregant, having sciatica and was really trying to make things easier. I just made a couple of batches of cookies with dd.

Oh, well. I do have an extra box. I can either do it with the eggs for dh and I or someone else or try it this time with the egg replacer. If I meet with success, I will post it, so others may benefit, LOL!

We managed to eat them all the last time, despite the "not for company" quality! becca

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By becca on Fri, 09-05-03, 15:07

Don't try the mix with energy eg replacer. They just boiled in the pan and didn't firm up after an hour!

I will stick to my scratch recipe, but had a second box on the shelf and figured I'd give it a try. Pathetic thing is, dd and I still enjoyed some edges and goo! becca

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By Sandra Y on Fri, 09-05-03, 17:20

As a replacement for eggs in baking, you can use one heaping tablespoon of soy flour and one tablespoon of water.

I used to use this back in my frugal days, to save money, since soy flour is much cheaper than eggs. I read about it in The Tightwad Gazette by Amy Dacyczyn years ago.

Obviously this doesn't work if you're dealing with soy allergy.

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[This message has been edited by Sandra Y (edited September 05, 2003).]

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By tjpage on Sun, 09-14-03, 01:07

When not cooking with eggs and milk it helps to add a heaping tablespoon of Arrowroot for each cup of flour. You can purchase Arrowroot at a health food store. It would be cheaper to purchase it there then in the supermarket. The Arrowroot will help the batter rise somewhat.

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