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any safe rice cakes?

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By dmbb on Wed, 09-21-05, 17:50

We need nut free rice cakes for a school project. Are there any rice cakes that you feel comfortable with?

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By tidina on Wed, 09-21-05, 18:49

are quakers safe? was wondering bout this myself??

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By ahensley on Wed, 09-21-05, 19:30

We use the carmeal corn rice cakes by Quaker all the time and have used them for years. It is labeled that it contains soy, but BEWARE the apple cinnamon is labeled it may contain traces of peanuts. They have been labeled this way since I started buying them years ago. I have never called - it never dawned on me to call until just now. We have never had a problem with the carmeal corn rice cakes by Quaker, but those are the only ones we have tried by Quaker. If anyone has called, please let me know what they said - I will try to call later today.

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By julieneaman on Wed, 09-21-05, 19:45


Thank you for the heads up!!! I just bought those this weekend and for some inexplicable reason, didn't catch the peanut warning! I don't know what happened! I don't know how I could have missed it. You possibly saved ds life today.



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By jtolpin on Wed, 09-21-05, 20:10

The bigger rice cakes are made differently than the 'quakes'.

We used to give Caitlin the appl/cin mini rice cakes (now called Quakes). They started adding sucralose (green bag now), and I stopped buying them -- I wasnt comfy with sucralose -- not as an allergen, just as an ingredient, kwim?

The mini ones did NOT have a peanut wanring -- the big ones .

The website for them is VERY good IMO.


[b]* Obsessed * [/b]

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By tidina on Wed, 09-21-05, 20:48

i called quaker about their plain and flavored oatmeal. we are avoid peanuts, tree nuts and sesame seeds. i was told that they label for the top 8 but to call on specific things because sesame could be in the flavoring?? she said the plain oatmeal would be ok.

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By becca on Thu, 09-22-05, 01:16

Since specific flavors of the rice cakes do have warnings for peanut, I have trusted the labels that do not bear the warnings. I do not recall if I have ever called. I amy have years ago.

But, we use the Quaker plain ones regularly. becca

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By becca on Thu, 09-22-05, 01:17

Oh, and right there with ya, Jason, on the sucralose. Dh and I are so aggrivated to be finding it added into things like crazy! I have a hard time finding popsicle type items without it these day. becca

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By Codyman on Thu, 09-22-05, 01:29

We buy Quaker Rice Cakes. No problems to date.

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By dmbb on Wed, 09-28-05, 18:56

Thanks a bunch! That info is really healpful!

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By tidina on Wed, 09-28-05, 19:18

mite get some too, but ill read them! thanks

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By Jimmy's mom on Wed, 09-28-05, 21:05

Thanks for the info. I don't buy rice cakes often, but I do every now and then. I had no idea they have now added sucralose. Is there anything left without that stuff? I hate it--I can taste it for up to 5 hours after I eat it. YUCK!

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By Adele on Sat, 09-16-06, 21:28

I usually buy plain rice cakes but Safeway was out of Quaker and Safeway brand in the plain style. I bought the Quaker Caramel Corn rice cakes. The Safeway ones were either 'may contain' or manufactured on'.....can't remember which.

Do you eat Quaker Caramel Corn rice cakes?

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By Yonit on Sun, 09-17-06, 17:35

Not sure about rice cakes, but we found a very similar product called Corn Thins, which are wonderful - and are totally peanut/nut-free (but not sesame). They are thinner and firmer - my son has been taking them to school as sandwiches, with jam or cream cheese. Here's the website. Found them at Chicago are Whole Foods and Jewel.


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By becca on Mon, 09-18-06, 22:26

If the Quaker label checks out ok for us, we use it. Many of the flavors bear warnings, so I tend to trust it when they do not. Like they are being concientious to label the risk, and some must be made in a nother plant or on another line. But I do not recall if I have called.

But, I do check carefully. Last I checked, I think only the plain ones had no warning. In the past, the caramel ones had been safe for us. becca

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