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Any safe restaurants in Salt lake?

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By meleldredge on Thu, 09-15-05, 15:06

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone here from UTAH knows of any safe restaurants for a child with PA and avoiding all TN in salt lake city or Park city?.. Any advice would be greatly appreciated..


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By jage512 on Thu, 09-15-05, 15:53

I am not from Salt Lake City, but my aunt recently moved there for her husband's job. When I went to visit we went out to eat at Caffe Molise in downtown, right across the street from The Marriott Downtown. Its a small italian restaurant with no peanuts (I'm not sure about tree nuts because I am not allergic). I also ate out at Olive Garden and another italian restuarant chain but I forgot the name of it. I find that Italian's rarely use peanuts/peanut oil so those restaurants seem to be my safe choice since I only avoid TN. Let me know if you find any other restaurants because I am heading out there again in November.

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By Triciasmom on Thu, 09-15-05, 23:02

There's this one place we stopped at when we were in SLC in May. Golden Corral, I think it was called. It is a buffet that has all food prep areas visible to the customers. Each section is separate. The dessert section wasn't safe, but the meat, salad bar, vegetable areas were all okay.

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By hollyne on Mon, 08-01-11, 17:24


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