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Any safe egg roll wrappers or wonton wraps

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By tidina on Wed, 09-20-06, 14:47

i use to make wontons and miss it. i was thinking i could possibly use lasagna noodles but was wondering if anyone knows of a safe egg roll wrap or wonton wrap. thanks

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By Danielle on Thu, 09-21-06, 01:43

Looked and looked and never found one. Even the one on missroben.com is not safe. It is a shame.
Pls post if you do find one. We roll things in the thick lettuce leaves. So it in a food allergy cookbook. We also make crepes without sugar and use those. Of course one of my kids oves them and the other doesn't.

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By becca on Thu, 09-21-06, 03:28

I have a firend(Chinese) who has a dd with egg allergy and makes dumplings safe for her dd(according to her dd). I want to get her dough recipe, and perhaps she has a warapper recipe for egg rolls as well. I will let you know if I get anything useful. They do handle the allergies a bit diofferently than we do and she is not PA, but does have some other allergies.

I just emailed her for any reipes or brands of egg roll wrappers, and dumpling doughs that are egg free and/or peanut/nut free. We shall see if she has any info. Becca

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By becca on Thu, 12-07-06, 15:57

So this was ages ago, but I finally connected with my friend, but only for dumpling dough. Not details, but I bet it is an art, not a recipe.

"I know a lot of Chinese people making dumpling skins by just mixing water into flour to make the dough. They then cut the dough into small pieces and press each piece into a round skin with a rod."

It sounds pretty easy, just make it like a pasta dough consistency, I imagine. She will tell me more wne we talk next week and get our girls together. My son also has 3 Chinese classmates at preschool, and one has several allergies. Maybe she has some ideas on egg roll wrapper brands or recipes.

There is actually a huge influx of Chinese students in the entire preschool this year, and it might even be fun if any have interest in doing some traditional cooking together with us American moms who have interest. The school has a huge kitchen. But I digress, just thinking it would be fun.

I will poll those moms. One in particular is a very good translator, and might be able to check labels. becca

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