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any safe caterers in Mass?

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By sacena on Tue, 02-06-07, 00:54

Does anyone know of a peanut/tree nut safe caterer in eastern Massachusetts? I'm in Arlington. I'm interested in the basics: sausage/peppers/onions, eggplant parm, chicken/broccoli/ziti, cold cut platters, etc.

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By Laifong on Wed, 02-07-07, 19:11

I have ordered food from Vinny T's. They are not specifically caterers, but you can order food in large quantities and they are allergy-aware. They saved me from having to cook everything myself at a Christmas family gathering two years ago!


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By falcon on Sat, 02-10-07, 04:20

You might try Big Poppy's in West Newton, or Cafe Nicholas in Newton...might also be one in Brookline. We have eaten at Poppy's a few times...the owner has a child with peanut allergy and seemed to understand, but his English was limited so I did't feel 100% comfortable with the answers to my questions. I believed that he understood the issues since his child also has peanut allergy and I did not see anything on the menu that contained nuts. I think they would let you check out ingredients,etc. He and his staff were very nice and would probably work with you on this.

I haven't been to either place in over a year, but at Cafe Nicholas in Newton, I read every ingredient label on the foods we ate and there was nothing on the menu with nuts or peanuts...except a desert or two made some where else and put in front display case. I spoke to the owner on several occasions and he was very accommodating. I went into the freezer and pantry on several different occasions. Really good guy.

Both places are primarily Italian food, but also have a variety of sandwiches.

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