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Any hopes of a wheat-free bread?

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By on Tue, 02-06-07, 23:59

My 12 mo. old DS has Wheat,Egg, Peanut,Milk, Soy, Rye allergy. Is there a recipe for bread out there that would NOT include any of these? Or is he destined NOT to eat sliced bread for a while?
Of course bread is not a MUST HAVE, but just wondering if there even was a recipe out there NOT including all his allergens!

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By josh'smom on Wed, 02-07-07, 01:01

The grocery stores near me sell wheat free bread in the refriderator in the health food section. Can't help you with a recipe though. The bread isn't that great. When I had to watch wheat I preferred to wrap my cold cuts in corn tortillas. The biscuits weren't bad ether. I believe the bread and muffins were Ener-G brand.

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By gvmom on Wed, 02-07-07, 01:04

I just found this recipe. In as much as your DS is allergic to milk, you might use another powdered alternative -- but they do list a substitute for the eggs.

[b]Rice Flour Gluten Free Bread
My dad is allergic to gluten and when my parents were visiting in the fall, I made the following by hand. The redstar yeast site recipe on which I based the following has breadmachine instructions. But it is very very simple to mix and make by hand because the dough requires no kneading. For best results, make sure that the ingredients are at room temperature.

The resulting bread was quite moist - not crumbly or dry like so many I have seen my dad choke down in the past. We put it in the freezer and he happily sliced pieces off as he needed them and claimed that it tasted good. (I didn't mind it, but then I'm spoiled because I can still eat wheat.)


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By on Wed, 02-07-07, 01:22

thanks gvmom and Josh's mom...i'd heard that the store bought breads were YUCKY!
but the recipe you provided, gvmom, looks do-able...i'm sure since DS hasn't had bread yet, he might not know what he's missing, right?
thanks again for the help, guys...i appreciate it!

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By josh'smom on Wed, 02-07-07, 03:02

Your child may one day eat all those items that he is allergic to. One of my friends two girls were allergic to the same things with the exception of soy and they have outgrown all but the nuts.

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By on Wed, 02-07-07, 03:19

that's what i'm hoping and praying happens...i'd HATE to think someone would have to go through LIFE not able to eat all those things!
thanks for the words of encouragement...
at this VERY early stage in our game, it's comforting to hear words like that...
thanks for the uplifting!!!

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By krasota on Wed, 02-07-07, 03:57

You can check to see if FoodForLife's China black rice or Bhutanese Red Rice breads are okay for you. I know they're gluten and soy-free. Those are probably the most palatable store-bought breads (wholegrain, there are others which aren't wholegrain).

EnerG's tapioca bread isn't wholegrain, but it makes good toast and good grilled sandwiches.

Storebought GF bread will have to be toasted to be edible, for what it's worth.

Irish soda bread. Use an egg substitute. Very yummy, doesn't have to be toasted. I made it last month ([url]http://flickr.com/photos/jocelyndale/380772184/[/url]) and we loved it.

My bread recipe uses eggs, but you could sub with flax goop. It's the walrus bread recipe on Bob's Red Mill ( [url="http://www.bobsredmill.com/recipe/detail.php?rid=1204"]site[/url] , brown rice flour bag). I use 2.5 cups of whatever flour mix I like (teff, sorghum, brown rice, etc) and half a cup of tapioca starch. I often sub agave nectar or fruit juice for the sugar.


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By gvmom on Wed, 02-07-07, 16:28

Krasota, do you use the Bob's Red Mill products though? DH bought some of their cornmeal once and I nixed it because it didn't look like it'd be safe for my son.

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By bethc on Wed, 02-07-07, 16:52

Bob's Red Mill is peanut-free now, but not tree nut-free -- they clean their lines after tree nut products.

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By mistey on Wed, 02-07-07, 17:01

My ds was allergic to all gluten products, pn and dairy. He ate many products from energ.com

They are expensive, but if I found an item on sale on their website I bought a case of it. They actually keep very well.

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By krasota on Wed, 02-07-07, 20:09

I use the gluten-free BRM products, but I don't think their cornmeal is produced in a GF facility. The GF facility products have a GF symbol on the package.

I'm not allergic to tree nuts, so I don't check on those.


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By gvmom on Thu, 02-08-07, 00:02

Thanks Krasota -- I couldn't remember. We have to watch for tree nuts too. It is too bad too because when I looked on their site I remember thinking that they probably would have good products. But yeah -- no tree nuts here in addition to the peanut.

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By beachfan on Mon, 03-05-07, 18:12

I use Carol Fenster's cooking 101, book, there's a recipee for bread that I use. It calls for soy lecithin, I just leave it out, I used to use egg replacer, but now can use egges. It is one of the best bread recipes out there, I've tried a lot. I've had no luch with the kind you buy in the store, yuck! Also, I used to make bread from the Motina flour, it was good also. Chebe makes an all-purpose bread mix, it calls for eggs, don't know if you can substitute egg replacer though, I get it at Vit Cottage. Good luck!

Note: I used Lundberg brand rice milk when my child was allergic to milk for baking. The rice dream rice milk has a very small amount of gluten in it, so don't use it.

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By on Mon, 03-05-07, 18:54

thanks beachfan...GREAT tip...
I'll see if i can somehow find that cookbook at the library or something...i don't have the funds to run out and buy yet another cookbook, but i'm sure i can find it out there or maybe used online or something...
thanks for the tip about the ricemilk too...

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By sillyfeline on Wed, 04-11-07, 18:02

Rudolph's makes Rye bread (wheat-free & yeast-free) that tastes & feels like real bread. It's in the freezer section in most Whole Foods.

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