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antihistamines before allergist appointment

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By syrupg on Wed, 07-09-08, 03:17

We have our first allergist appointment thursday afternoon. I was told not to give him antihistamines 72 hours prior, which isn't a problem since I've never had to give him benadryl. Today he was eating a banana...now he registered as a 0.54 for bananas on the blood test but he used to eat them daily so I was told not to worry about. he registered slightly higher than that for milk and that's all he drinks. His eyes started watering and he got these little spots by his temples which were original signs of a reaction. without thinking I gave him benadryl. He's fine and had no more symptoms. I plan on calling the doc back but it's a 2 hour drive away and I have to be down there that day, do you think they'll still let us keep the appointment or will I have to drive down again a second time?

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By Mom2angels on Wed, 07-09-08, 03:23

Our allergist told us to be antihistamine free for 1 week prior to our appointment. Sounds like you may have to reschedule---to have the most reliable and accurate test results, you should reschedule. Sorry to hear about your little one. Hopefully you'll get better news at this next visit. Call your allergist and explain what happened. See what they think....

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By mpeters on Wed, 07-09-08, 03:54

For our allergist we have to stop all long acting antihistamines (Zyrtec, Allegra etc.) one week prior, but we only have to stop Benadryl a day or two in advance. It is worth calling to check. I am guessing they will let you keep the appointment.
Good luck.

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By syrupg on Wed, 07-09-08, 16:36

Thank you for replying.
I called the doctor's office and they'll do an test for antihistamines and will still see us for the consult and at worst won't do the skin test, which I can live with as I really need my questions answered too so that's important too. She said since it was only one teaspoon it may be out of his system by then but the test will tell us for sure.

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