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Another theory about allergies

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By Joanne on Mon, 02-09-04, 19:57

Another theory about allergies:


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By Going Nuts on Mon, 02-09-04, 22:42

Hoo boy, is my family the exception to [b]that[/b] rule, LOL!


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By momma2boys on Mon, 02-09-04, 23:44

I just posted this in media today, didnt realize it was here.

Amy, I agree, my boys are an exception too. I remember taking my oldest to the ER as a baby with a fever of 104.7. Still has allergies.

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By TraceyJ on Sat, 02-14-04, 23:21

Interesting. My poor kid had several bad fevers as an infant, and actually suffered from febrile convulsions about a week after the PA diagnosis. That's about the time I had to get on Zoloft!

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