Annette\'s Donuts (Canadian Specific)

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By on Tue, 08-17-04, 03:22

I did do a search.

Is this the same situation as Baker's Oven at A&P stores?

Does anyone know anything about Annette's Donuts and if they are PA safe?

I checked the label to-day and IMHO they were really well labeled.

They are Toronto based.

Was wondering if anyone knew anything or if I should add it to my PA "to do" list.

Many thanks and best wishes! [img][/img]


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By Caterina2 on Wed, 08-18-04, 15:26

Hi Cindy,
I have always wondered about Annette's donuts as well and your post just reminded me that this is also one of the companies on my "to contact" list so I decided to call today and was told that no nuts or peanuts are used in their facility. Here is the contact info:


Annette's Donuts Ltd
1965 Lawrence Avenue West
Toronto, ON M9N1H5

Phone: (416) 656-3444
Fax: (416) 656-5400

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By on Wed, 08-18-04, 15:42

Caterina2, thank-you SO much! [img][/img] This is GREAT news! [img][/img]

Best wishes! [img][/img]

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By on Thu, 08-19-04, 01:51

Wanted to say earlier, but got waylaid by a vice grip around my neck and shoulders and a horrible migraine, that from the address, I think Annette's Donuts must be around Jane and Lawrence. I lived at 2004 Lawrence Avenue West which was between Weston Road and Lawrence for about five years and was actually the house that Jesse was born in.

Best wishes! [img][/img]

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By on Sat, 08-28-04, 03:10

Really really pleased you posted a response from Annette's Donuts. [img][/img]

Saw sugar glazed donuts in the store the other day by them and jeez, it is just so great to know that they're okay (also remembering that we can't find a PA "safe" donut shop close to home).

Super stuff, thank-you again. [img][/img]

Best wishes! [img][/img]

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By on Sat, 09-18-04, 14:13

Simply re-raising for Anna Marie. [img][/img]

Best wishes! [img][/img]

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By on Thu, 08-23-07, 03:01

This week, I saw some Simpson's Donuts in the local ValuMart - probably because of the movie out. Anyway, really luscious looking things if you're a kid. Bright pink glaze and sprinkles.

I thought, ya, great, my guy went to see the movie and he watches the show, but as far as eating the gosh darn donut, no.

But no, cynic that I am, was very surprised to see that they were made by Annette's and labeled really well.

Just hoping they're still on the shelf when he returns home next week. [img][/img]

It's SO rare we have a donut.

Best wishes! [img][/img]

There but for the Grace of God, go I.

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By on Thu, 08-23-07, 03:23

If my aged brain can remember this on the weekend I'll tell my husband to buy me some.

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