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Anaphylactic reaction-how long before it shows?

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By hbsmom on Wed, 07-05-00, 02:42

How long after ingestion of peanuts or peanut products would an anaphylactic reaction occur? Does the reaction occur immediately or can it occur later?

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By on Wed, 07-05-00, 03:03

hbsmom, the reaction can occur immediately or it can occur later. I believe it depends on the severity of the allergy. My son's 3 reactions to peanuts (and the 3rd one was not ingestion, but merely touching to his lips where he went into full anaphylactic shock and almost died) were immediate. I believe in each of the 3 instances his lips were the first to "go", swelling up and turning blue and things just went from there. Someone else has posted on this site somewhere that it can take up to three hours or more for a reaction to occur. I really believe it depends on the severity of the allergy. I also, from my experience with my son, have found that each reaction was worse with less exposure (and again, in the last case, not ingestion of) to peanut products. That is my experience.


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By L&Mojoe on Wed, 07-05-00, 12:34

Hello hbsmom,

My son ingested about 1/2 tablespoon of peanut butter ice cream when he was 6 months old. Because his hives were covering only the lower half of his body, I can't say how long they took to develop-but he didn't begin to scratch or fuss for 3 hours. His respiratory, or "anaphylactic" reaction took place a little over 3 hours after ingestion. We have not had another reaction since (he is now 2).

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By brendan on Wed, 07-05-00, 15:24

My son is 7, he has been severely allergic to peanuts since infancy. He suffered a severe reaction in school an hour after being near children eating peanut butter. He was running on the playground and began to have a reaction. The doctor believes the excercise caused his reaction to become more severe. He was hospitalized when he could not breathe on his own.

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By on Wed, 07-05-00, 21:23

All of my son's reactions (most of them have not been from ingestion) has been within seconds. Like Cindy said my son's have also become worse with each exposure.

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