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ANA reaction - out of the blue

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By MAG on Sat, 10-08-05, 20:20

My wife, 43, has just had a severe ana reaction to something. She had coffee, a banana, 2 asprin and some bridge mix. She can't have a scratch test done for 3 weeks while the drugs wear off. She was given an epi pen.

These are all items she has eaten lots of times. I need some suggetions on how to proceed while we wait to go to the allergist.


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By Jimmy's mom on Sat, 10-08-05, 20:49

It is hard to say what caused the reaction given what she had. Aspirin is one of the more common drugs to cause a severe reaction. Bridge mix contains tree nuts and peanuts, doesn't it? I also know of someone who is allergic to bananas, although I believe that one is relatively unusual. I would say to avoid all of the things she had ingested until seeing an allergist. For those of us who have been here awhile, this next part is obvious, but since you are new to the situation, you probably are unaware. You must check the ingredients of all foods, not just the ones that would obviously contain those ingredients. And you must also check the labels for any statement along the lines of "processed on the same equipment as peanuts," or "may contain traces of nut," etc. Avoid anything that indicates there is a possibility that any of the suspect foods being present. Ditto for any drugs that may contain aspirin. And those who are allergic to aspirin are usually allergic to ibuprofen as well, so avoid that, too. I know this seems very difficult, and you are probably feeling overwhelmed. All of us here have been at that point, and some still are. But with time, and knowledge, it becomes more of an inconvenience than a big major thing.
And also important--both of you need to learn how to use that epi-pen, and she must keep it with her.
Good luck.

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By MAG on Sat, 10-08-05, 23:50

Thanks - she is also concerned about soy products. Is this something that I need to watch out for also?

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By MichelleR on Sun, 10-09-05, 05:46


I am allergic to both aspirin and peanuts and would echo what Jimmy's mom has said. I have had the aspirin allergy all my life and the peanut allergy for 6 years. I am not sure how common adult onset aspirin allergy is but adult onset nut allergies are quite common. As well as avoiding medications with aspirin and ibuprofen, I avoid anything with any NSAIDs (non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs) and only take paracetomol as a painkiller. I would suggest your wife does the same until she is tested (as well as the nut avoidance).

Re soy products, I don't understand the question I'm afraid - why is your wife concerned about these?

Take care


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By MAG on Sun, 10-09-05, 12:31

MichelleR - I think she read somewhere that alot of people with nut allergies also have allergies to soy products.

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By on Sun, 10-09-05, 14:39


Peanut is not a nut - it is a legume. So is soy. Some people are allergic to just peanut or just soy - others are allergic to the entire legume family, but that is not extremely common.

It is quite difficult to avoid soy as it's in so many pre-packaged foods.

Since having her ana. reaction has she had any other reactions? (hives, swelling, etc.)

Was her coffee just a plain coffee - or a fancy flavoured one?

Also, some people react immediately to a food allergen, but not everyone does. She [i]might[/i] have reacted to something she ate 12 hours earlier. Possibly even longer.

The only thing I can think of is going as natural as possible. Meaning, fruit and vegetables, and meats - but cooking them yourself, nothing pre-packaged. And using as few flavour enhancers and seasonings as possible as they have many hidden ingredients (e.g. flavours and seasoning can be almost anything).


I hope you find the cause with no further reactions.

And how are [b]you[/b] holding up? Sometimes I think my ana reaction was harder on my husband then on me.

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By MAG on Sun, 10-09-05, 18:16


Regular black coffee - we grind our own beans. No hives or swelling since ana attack, but she is not eating alot - afraid to put much in her mouth. I would react the same way. Not knowing the cause is worse than knowing and dealing with it.

I cancelled going to the stadium today for fear that if it is peanuts, I don't want to bring anything back with me. I am trying to assimilate as much information in as little amount of time as possible.

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By Momcat on Sun, 10-09-05, 21:56

Could your wife have an allergy blood test sooner? I think I read that the steriods and antihistamines don't affect the results of the blood test. You could ask the doctor about it.

Best wishes for speedy answers!

Mom to 6 yr old PA/TNA daughter and 2 1/2 yr old son who is allergic to eggs.

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By MAG on Sun, 10-09-05, 22:11


She did get a rast test the day after the attack. We are waiting for the results. I have read alot of info how these tests may not be the most accurate.

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By MichelleR on Sun, 10-09-05, 22:39

Hi again

AnnaMarie makes a good point re delayed reactions - my first allergic reaction to peanuts happened at least 8-9 hours after eating the peanuts and my second about 12- 14 hours, so it took me a couple of reactions to pinpoint the cause.

Also, my blood tests were negative but I believe they are not very accurate.


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By on Thu, 10-13-05, 04:40

Hey MAG - how are things going? Has your wife had any more reactions? Is she feeling a bit more comfortable about eating?

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By jbillinois on Mon, 02-27-06, 00:52

"Some people are allergic to just peanut or just soy - others are allergic to the entire legume family, but that is not extremely common."

OK, just when I was thinking I wasn't a freak, now I'm back to thinking I am! I was "off the chart" for soy on my RAST test, and one level down for peanuts.

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By on Mon, 02-27-06, 02:45

Well, I do hope that's the sense of humour you were talking about.

And no. You are not a freak. Lot's of people here are allergic to both.

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By jbillinois on Tue, 02-28-06, 01:23

Thanks for making me feel better!! I guess this is our "normal".

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