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allergy to pear??

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By MtnDoo on Sun, 11-02-08, 00:36

My 4 yo dd has only been allergic to peanuts, so far. She was diagnosed 6 months ago, after her first reaction ever. That's the only allergy she has.

The last few days, I've given her a raw whole pear as a snack-she's always eaten all fruits, and has had no issues. However, the last 2 pears she's eaten... she's said "her throat feels funny" afterwards. Is it possible that this is an allergy? She had no other symptoms... I didn't even do benadryl, and after 20 minutes or so, she had no complaints at all.

I figured I'd post this here, since I know people are dealing with other food allergies too... and pear is such an oddball allergy.

I'm calling the allergist, but he's 3 hours away, we have crappy insurance, etc... so I'm not sure it's worth doing all that to get tested for 1 thing. Anyone know about pear allergy? I'm guessing it's not as serious as peanut, but I'd like to know more about it. I've read some about oral allergy syndrome-is that an actual allergy, or just a sensitivity?

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By happycat on Sun, 11-02-08, 01:44

Hi MtnDoo -

My son has oral allergy syndrome (in addition to his peanut allergy).

OAS is a cross reaction to raw fruits/veggies/some nuts that can happen to people who also have pollen allergies. Pear can cross react with birch pollen allergy. I'm not sure if it cross reacts with any other pollens.

My sons allergist says that OAS reactions are not usually life threatening and strict avoidance of the offending fruits and veggies is not necessary. Cooking or processing of the fruits/veggies can allow them to be eaten safely.

My son had a very similar experience with apples to what your DD is having with pears - he'd eaten them fine, but all of a sudden he started to get a very itchy mouth when he ate them. I don't think it affected his throat though.

I suppose someone can be allergic to pears the same way one is allergic to peanuts though, so I would talk to your allergist to see what he says (and avoid pears for the time being). My son's doctor had us come in and have a SPT for apple when he first started to have issues with them.

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By MtnDoo on Sun, 11-02-08, 03:48

Thanks for the reply-I'll ask the allergist what he thinks we should do. Avoiding pears is easy enough, but it concerns me that we are possibly adding another allergy...I just don't want this to spiral out of control and have it either worsen her peanut allergy, or have this whole laundry list of foods she has to avoid...I hope it's just OAS, if anything.

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By Sandy1 on Mon, 11-10-08, 13:07

My ds gets an itchy mouth from apples. During the last trimester of my pregnancy, I ate lots and lots of apples daily, which I craved, and I often wonder if it was because I ate so many? He can eat apples cooked -no problem.

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By heather_t on Thu, 11-13-08, 19:55

Mine tested positive to lettuce. You can be allergic to anything.

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By cristym on Sat, 11-15-08, 03:42

My son has OAS to a variety of fresh fruits, Apples, grapes, mellons, bananas....He gets an itchy mouth and throat and has even had hives from eating apples. If the fruit is cooked he can eat them with out a problem. Also some people can eat the foods they have OAS to if the skin is removed.

I do not allow my son to eat any fresh fruit at school, I do not want him to be having a peanut or tree nut reaction and have someone second guessing if he is having an OAS reaction or Peanut or Tree Nut reaction.

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