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??? Allergy Test Strips ????

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By PeteFerraro on Mon, 08-27-01, 18:20

Does anyone know if anyone makes Allergy Test Strips for peanuts?

If so who?

If not, what does everyone think? Before you let a PA loved one eat something questionable, you touch the food with a test strip. I wouldn't think the test strips would be big deal to develop.

I know it wouldn't solve everyone's problems, but it sure would be nice to be able to test food before we give it to our PA son.

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By margaret on Mon, 08-27-01, 23:32

I don't think you could do that. What if the allergen was not in the sample that the test strip was used on? For example a piece of a peanut gets into cookie batter. You test one piece of cookie and it tests okay, but then you eat the bite with the allergen in it and you have a reaction.

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By PeteFerraro on Fri, 08-31-01, 19:19

Yes, you are correct.


We would be better off with PA Test strips than we are right now.

Pete Ferraro

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