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Allergy School Forms for teachers

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By AsthmaMamaof3 on Mon, 08-11-08, 04:03

I use these forms for my son and I print one for each teacher in his elementary school. It saves me from second guessing if any teacher doesn't understand that he has allergies and asthma and it also gives a plan of action. Here is the link to the form. There are also emergency forms you can fill out with your child's medical and emergency info for a bus driver too. Our school bus drivers don't have a protocol for kids with asthma!!! So this really helped clarify what to do.


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By Skywalker on Tue, 08-12-08, 11:46

No offense, but I see a few potential problems with those forms. They are too simplistic and only say to call 911 in the event the child cannot breathe. With anaphylaxis, that is probably too late. This is probably ok for kids with just asthma alone, but food allergies and particulary peanut allergies, need more urgent and clear instructions for caregivers.

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By AsthmaMamaof3 on Sat, 08-16-08, 19:03

The bus is a huge problem! The school will not give an epi pen for the driver to give in case of an emergency, that is the district policy, believe it or not, and calling 911 is what they advocate. In school they have a nurse, but the bus driver won't give an epi. Will they administer an epi pen on your children's elementary school buses? Our child's asthma can be as life-threatening and require an epi as any nut related allergy. In fact, any child who has a cat or dog is a potential threat to our son. Fur can be transferred via clothing and cause a very severe reaction. With those forms, at least we are doing something to inform the schools and bus drivers of his condition, since there is nothing in place otherwise!

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By melmcqua on Fri, 09-06-13, 16:09

I would like to know what people are doing with the following school form, Authorization for Storage and Administration of Prescribed Medication, which indemnifies the Board of any negligence or otherwise in the administration or failure to administer the medication. My son may need an epi pen administered due to severe allergy to nuts. I am reluctant to sign this because if it is negligible then they do need to be held responsible. Any child might require first aid. Your thoughts greatly appreciated.

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