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Allergy News Podcast and weblog

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By steveandleslea on Wed, 12-14-05, 10:28

Hey, fellow PA (and other allergy) parents. Believe it or not, I have now been running the food allergy alert product site at [url="http://www.allergyware.com"]http://www.allergyware.com[/url] since 2002. I'm a little amazed. It started out as an off-shoot of my husband's "macmavens" site, then it went through a phase of being under "myefairy's" umbrella, then since last February it has been just plain old "allergyware."

Anyway, I recently got into listening to podcasts, so I started a podcast for food allergy news. It's called Allergy News from Allergyware.com, and it's not super-duper-radio-voice professional, it's just me talking about the latest allergy news or allergy topics that pertain to my family. Maybe you will enjoy it. Hopefully it will raise some awareness of food allergies out in the world, as well.

Additionally, I got a writing job at clubmom.com as the go-to mom in the Allergies category. I'll be posting two stories a month there, and those stories (as well as others) are going to be going live on my new allergy blog at [url="http://allergyware.wordpress.com."]http://allergyware.wordpress.com[/url] .

Links to the podcast are posted on the blog ([url]http://allergyware.wordpress.com[/url]) or on my product website ([url]http://www.allergyware.com[/url]).

Just yesterday I updated the product website, adding a bunch of product styles for the first time in ages. I am still taking requests for specific logos and warnings, if your need is not already met. (Hard to imagine, with about 500 different products to choose from at this point).

Thanks for your continued support. I have not made much money off this project (just enough to pay for itself), but as you know, it's a labor of love!

Have a safe holiday!


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