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allergy friendly schools in Michigan

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By C on Sat, 07-21-07, 23:33

We may be moving to Michigan (most likely suburbs of detroit or ann arbor).

Are there any peanut (nut) free elementary schools?

Are there any peanut (nut) free preschools?

If not, are there any you would recommend that are very allergy aware?

Thank you.

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By TwokidsNJ on Sun, 07-22-07, 03:19

You're in luck!

I have a good friend that teaches in Ann Arbor schools. She says their school system is very allergy friendly.

If you search this site on "Ann Arbor", a link to their food allergy policy will come up. It is excellent - something like 80 pages.

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By C on Mon, 07-23-07, 16:17


Also, if anyone in Mich is willing for me to contact them directly, please send me your e-mail address.

Thank you.

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By Jana R on Mon, 07-23-07, 17:18

Have you already tried Michigan groups for help?



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By C on Mon, 07-23-07, 22:39

Thank you Jana.

Yes, I have been in touch with the Michigan support groups who have been helpful.

However, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed and short on time.

Thank you.

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By SkyMom on Tue, 06-24-08, 20:45


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