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By Laura Duke on Mon, 04-03-06, 02:09

I've started a new project and I am offering "Allergy Free" Child Care in my home in Nashville, Tennessee for 6 weeks - 5 yrs old. There are not any "safe" places for children with PA's and/or Nut Allergies. Very few places will restrict these products and if they do restrict them they don't enforce the restriction which makes the entire thing pointless! I do not allow any Peanuts, Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter By-Products, or anything that could have been cross contaminated with Peanuts, and/or Nuts in my home. There are no exception to this rule. I believe that more parents need to try to get involved to come up with idea's to keep their kids safe as well as all of the other kid's out there with anaphylaxis food allergies.

Take Care,
Laura Duke

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By williamsmummy on Mon, 04-03-06, 22:49

love this idea, but would like you to consider pushing this further. As 'allergy free' is not accurate.
You are simply 'nut/peanut free', try ' allergy aware' .
Offer the many other parents 'out there' who are dealing with the other common food allergies a chance of a safe environment.
Other common foods like milk, egg, wheat soya corn etc

Other areas that you may have knowledge or experience of are important, as atopic children come with a baggage of other conditions. Such as Asthma ( another life threatening disease) or envrionmental allergies, and eczema.
These are the areas that many parents need support, simply being nut free, is too simplistic, this is a far wider issue.

As you have discovered , your knowledge as the parent of an allergic child is worth a great deal to other families in the same situation.
This can also help other parents who are dealing with different food issues, not just peanut.

hope this helps

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By Laura Duke on Mon, 04-03-06, 23:21

This is "Allergy-Free" Child Care that is actually for all children with any kind of Anaphylaxis Food Allergies and/or health problems. I've already told everyone that my home is "FREE" of ALL Peanuts, Peanut Butter, Peanut Butter By-Products, anything that could have been cross contaminated with Peanuts, and/or Nuts. That any of these products that have any of the things listed above are not allowed in my home.

Take Care,
Laura Duke

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