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Allergy Associates of LaCrosse, Wisconsin

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By nicoleg on Tue, 05-21-02, 18:51

Thought some might be interested in reading about this. A neighbor of mine goes here for severe environmental allergies. And actually another person in my town has a daughter with multiple food allergies. Peanut was one of them (she ended up at the hospital with ana. reaction at one of her first exposures). She took her here and got the drops and now her daughter has outgrown her PA and eats peanut products-no problem. I still want to get together with her to ask the ton of questions I have. Anyway, just see what you think.


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By MomofNicolas on Wed, 06-26-02, 19:17


Thanks for posting this! I have emailed them for more information. They emailed me back that they DO treat peanut allergy. You have to be tested (blood) to see the extent of the allergy and to let them know what dose to start at. If the allergy is too severe, they might not treat it at all. They are mailing me a brochure. Did you find any additional information out about it? Have you asked your allergist about it? This is the only post that I could find about it. It would be interesting to know if anyone else resolved their allergy with this treatment.


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By nicoleg on Fri, 06-28-02, 17:10

Thanks for your positive reply. I must admit I was a little leary of posting about this because I was afraid people would blast it. Up until now we haven't seen an actual allergist (just a RAST at the ped's office). We have an appt. in Lacrosse in early September which is the earliest we could get in. At this point I'm going for the testing and will have a huge list of questions to ask. If anyone has any questions they'd like me to add, I'd be happy to post what they tell me.

Like I said before, a friend of ours dd had several food allergies that she was treated for in Lacrosse. Peanut was one of them and now it's gone-she eats peanut stuff no problem. I'm not claiming this is some kind of miracle cure. They said most people don't actually outgrow it completely from these treatments, only lessen the worry from accidental exposure.


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By MomofNicolas on Fri, 09-13-02, 15:54

Have you had your appointment yet? I would love to hear all of the details. If not, please let me know when you get back from your appointment.

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By nicoleg on Sat, 09-14-02, 01:37

We did have our appt. She did a blood test, but said she doesn't do skin testing on food allergies because of the risk. So of course I won't know the results of the blood work until a week or so. Then we go back on Oct. 12 to talk about treatment.

She was very helpful in answering all my questions and I never once felt like she was in a hurry. She's also testing him for walnuts, cashews, almonds, pecans, green beans, white beans, peas and soy. Also dust and mold to see if that might indicate a liklihood of developing asthma.

In the waiting room they have lots of videos you can watch, including Alexander, the Elephant... and It Only Takes a Bite.

She explained that the while any reaction is unpredictable and potentially life threatening, she thought that test results could help determine the likelihood of severe reactions. DS is/was a class 4 which, according to his past history, can cause a severe reaction in him, but not necessarily breathing difficulties. She also wouldn't expect him to be contact/smell sensitive at this level, but would if he were a class 6.

I know treatment of any kind is controversial so we're thinking about this long and hard. It's drops of the allergen mixed in a solution--very, very weak at first, that are placed under the tongue. Enough to have a little of the allergen present, but not enough to cause a reaction. Then we would increase it as his levels drop--blood retested every 6 months. She said the goal is not to get him to be able to eat a pb sandwich (like I could ever do that), but rather to reach level where accidental exposures would not cause big reactions. She explained that in no way does this treatment maintain an allergy, but that it can also take years to get to the point of not having to take the drops. It's rather confusing and I know I can't explain it fully here and that many of you would probably not think of doing this. But we feel like if this is a chance to not be held captive by this allergy, and it's near enough to where we live, then it's a possibility for us.


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By Amyd2007 on Sat, 08-18-07, 18:44

I've been talking to someone locally who has begun this treatment. Has anyone else had success with this in La Crosse?

Thanks for any info you have. DH is ever skeptical--I guess I'm the dreamer. [img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img]

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By michaelsmom on Thu, 08-30-07, 21:27

vlcarnes's daughter and my son are both undergoing this treatment. Our experiences are discussed in a thread on this topic in the Main Board called Treatment for Food Allergies.

A different, but related, topic worth reading is in the research board called Invited to Participate in Research Study.

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By Beth V on Fri, 08-31-07, 01:21


I'm not sure why the allergist would tell you that the higher the number the more severe the reaction would be. According to Dr. Sampson, the number only predicts whether a reaction will occur, not how severe the reaction will be. You could have a class 6 or a really high RAST and just have hives or you could have a low rast and have anaphalaxis. Anyway, good luck with all the testing. Stay safe.

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By Jamie on Sat, 11-24-07, 17:33

Yes, there is quite an extensive discussion here about this somewhere. My son has been taking the drops for 5 years now. His numbers have been going up pretty steadily for the past few years now, but he has not had a single reaction. We're going to continue them for now.

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By jalva75 on Wed, 09-26-12, 00:37

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