we had a to make a trip to the hospital last night. My 16 Page 1

we had a to make a trip to the hospital last night. My 16 year old daughter took her brother to get a milkshake, he brought it home and put peanuts in it, we didn't know, my daughter drank it. It was about 15 mins later she came out of her room having trouble breathing and swollen. We had to give her epi pen this was the first time she had to use it. thank god my husband was home he drove us to the hospital. I almost broke down in tears because of this. We don't have any other kids that have sever reactions to food like this. I am not sure if I can handle another reaction like this.

By lacey_spirit on Thu, 09-19-13, 00:17

im sorry about the son comment i didnt realize he has autism but thats another reason to make sure your home is safe

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By JenMN on Wed, 09-18-13, 20:32


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By JenMN on Wed, 09-18-13, 20:31

Moved my reply to the proper place in the conversation.

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By JenMN on Wed, 09-18-13, 16:43

Why in the world would he put peanuts in a milkshake? And why do you have peanuts in your house if your daughter is allergic?

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By tomanyfoodalergies on Wed, 09-18-13, 17:25

he got them from a friend and she knows not to touch them. and i am not sure why he did. look i am not going to tell my other kids not to eat something that they like and you cant keep peanuts or any other nuts away from a kid that cant have them all their lives you have to teach them not to eat them. ty for making me feel worse than i did, i really appreciate it and that kids will do things that you have know idea why they do it.

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By JenMN on Wed, 09-18-13, 18:44

I'm sorry -- I wasn't trying to make you feel any worse. I was truly curious (how would you even drink a milkshake with peanuts in it lol).

To your other point, yes, you can ban peanuts from your house. My 6 year old son knows that peanuts are not allowed in our house and is very respectful of that (due to our PA 3-year-old) even though I'm sure he would love some of the peanut-containing products. That's always the first thing he asks in the store, "Does this have peanuts?" before asking if we can buy something.

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By tomanyfoodalergies on Wed, 09-18-13, 20:03

my two other kids are very careful about the food they bring in, but my son is autistic so he doesn't understand completely. This is all new to us so trying to get the kids to read the label is different for them.

On the one thing how do you eat peanuts in a milkshake I don't know but he figured it out.

I guess I am a little touchy about this right now sorry if I sounded a little snippy. I hope you have a great day.

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By JenMN on Wed, 09-18-13, 20:32

Oh, both of those things make a big difference ... the brother being autistic and also having this be new to your family. I was thinking you'd been dealing with it for years. I agree, that must be a huge adjustment to the siblings then if they've been eating peanuts their whole lives (my son doesn't remember any differently).

I'm so glad you were able to get the situation under control and save your daughter ... pat yourself on the back for being prepared! I'm sure it was a scary situation!

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By tomanyfoodalergies on Wed, 09-18-13, 21:41

yeah now we have to get my two older ones not to panic when and if this happens again (I hope it doesn't)

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