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The Challenge

My son was diagnosed with a peanut allergy at 15 months. His bloodwork indicated 10.5 which placed him at a level 3. He just went back at 2.5 year old check up..repeat bloodwork indicated his numbers were down to 1.5 which placed at level 2. His allergist said he is too young for "the challenge". Why is that and what is the challenge? I know I should have asked, however he had an emergency with another patient. He said to continue to avoid peanuts and products containing peanuts and return in one year! Does this mean he is outgrowing allergy? Thanks for taking time to read! Thanks in advance for reponses!

By lsam on Tue, 01-07-14, 19:32

The Challenge is when they have your child sit in the doctors office for several hours. They give the child small amounts of the food the show an allergy to and see how they will react. The first time they give a very small amount and you just sit and wait. The second time they increase the amount. You sit and wait. This goes on for about 3-4 hours until they get to a teaspoon or more of the food (unless they get a reaction). This will determine if they do or don't have a high reaction. Although my child's allergist did say that even though the testing showed lower and it is a bit indicative of a lesser reaction, you never know what an actual reaction will be until the child eats the food. That's the main reason I have not done the peanut challenge as of yet. I would definately wait until later as it is hard for them to understand why they have to just sit there and wait for so long. You cannot leave the room in case there is a reaction.

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