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Hives 4-5 hours after eating peanut butter?

I have a doctors appointment next week regarding this but I wanted to get some opinions before I go.

My 15 month old son had a very small taste of a homemade peanut butter ball. Just the filling and it was less than a 1/4 of a teaspoon. He was fine until about 4-5 hours later. He got a red splotch above one eye that over the course of the next hour spread to the other side of his face. The splotches lasted overnight and went away by the next morning.

He was visiting my mom who was wearing a new lotion and who had also used a new laundry detergent.

My question is, could a peanut allergy cause a reaction that was that delayed or is it more likely to be her lotion/detergent?

Thanks for any and all input.

By meggie on Sun, 02-16-14, 15:37

Yes, I agree it could be one single allergen or a combination. The red spot could also have just been a sensitivity issue related to the perfume or dye in the lotion or detergent, and not necessarily an allergic reaction. I would immediately take the steps necessary to avoid peanuts until you see an allergist. Although it may be difficult, you should request a blood draw testing for the 8 main food allergens and other allergies common for those with a peanut allergy, like sesame. You should also ask to be tested for environmental allergens as well. the results should only take about one week and the peace of mind you will gain is well worth it.

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By momtoemie on Sat, 02-15-14, 05:57

Sounds familiar. I tried peanut butter with my daughter at 16 months and I am not even sure if she ate any but she had contact and got blotchy. Pediatrician sent us to a pediatric allergist and we did blood work and skin test and sure enough, it was a peanut allergy. I would not mess around with trying it again, just go to a good allergist and be safe. Hopefully it was the soap instead!

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By Mrsdocrse on Sun, 02-09-14, 19:20


Good that you have a Dr. appointment. Reactions can occur couple of hours later… However, My son reaction (s) typically have been with in 5 minutes. But everyone is different. I would check the ingredients of the lotion and detergent. Lotions can have nut oils in them. I would also check your labels of things at home that you use. Good luck. let us know what happens.

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By Proudmama.123 on Sat, 02-08-14, 01:49

We were told to watch for a biphasic reaction. A reaction that even if the first is not severe the secondary reaction could be deadly. Thankfully nothing happened.

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By PeanutAllergy.com on Fri, 02-07-14, 01:26

Question of the Week: Answered!

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Our Answer:

Taking your son to the doctor is the first step in keeping him healthy. We recommend that you also schedule an appointment with an allergist who can provide you with his or her professional opinion.

Allergic reactions can occur within minutes or several hours of coming into contact with an allergen, so his reaction might have been caused by the peanut butter ball. No matter how small the amount of peanut butter, he can still have a reaction if he is, in fact, allergic.

Symptoms of allergic reactions vary; you can find a list of these symptoms here.

Your son’s reaction also could have been caused by the lotion and/or laundry detergent. Non-food products can contain allergens, so once you know what caused your son’s reaction, be sure that everyone in your family checks the ingredients of products they use.

We asked our Facebook fans for their help, and you can read what they had to say here.

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By concernedmama on Fri, 02-07-14, 17:17

Thanks so much for the input! It was very helpful.

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By Saralinda on Thu, 02-06-14, 23:10

Yes, it is possible that it was the peanut butter...or the lotion...or the detergent...or even a combination of the 3.

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