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Herbs Can Save

My Daughter has had a peanut allergy from about two we found out it was from Vaccinations all children that get there shots have a chance to either get low immune system or some type of allergy One day my daughter at age four got into a peanut butter cookie at a baby shower and then soon after got a bee sting her Epi Pen
just had expired so I gave her a pinch of Milk Thistle
Seeds and some benadryl Wa-la her hives and swelling went away in 15 min or so the emergency room was close by and we are very familiar with her condition so we monitored her very closely I have studied naturopathic medicine for around 14 years now and Milk Thistle is one of my favorites it has been known and used in Europe for snake bites when there is no anti-venom to be found Milk Thistle cleans the liver out real quickly I have used it for years now it has had a great positive affect on my diabetes as well it is safe for children to take but please do your own research on it as well and good luck I hope this helps someone else someday!

By GBTrainwreck on Tue, 04-02-13, 19:27

I think recommending herbs is great! My mother was a doctor and even though I had allergy medication and such she preferred to use natural ways of trying to help me with my sinus problems like using steam with herbs to clear out my chest and sinus cavities. She also gave me several kinds of different teas when I was sick and they all helped me a lot. To this day I personally prefer natural methods to cure my colds and sinus headaches. Thanks for this!!

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