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Does Benadryl interfere with Epi-pen results?

I am caring for my goddaughter's 3 y/o during the week who was just diagnosed with a peanut allergy. We have Benadryl and an epi-pen available at all times. I just read the news account of a 13 y/o California girl with a peanut allergy who died after eating one bite of a Rice Krispie treat. Her parents gave Benadryl first as they had been instructed. Shortly after, the child began vomiting. The father gave 2 doses of the epi-pen, and later a 3rd dose from the camp. EMT's who arrived were unable to save the child. Could the Benadryl have either interfered with the effects of the epinephrine or did it delay time in giving the life saving drug to prevent full anaphylaxis?

By mb1554 on Fri, 08-30-13, 16:42

Thanks for the info. What confused me about the news story was that the girl only had one bite of a Rice Krispie, which does not contain peanuts and which she had eaten before. The parents gave Benadryl as instructed. Since the 3 y/o I watch also has an egg allergy, my first thought (if in the same situation) would be eggs, and give Benadryl, especially if the symptoms were hives, itching. Now I am wondering, in light of this tragedy, if the epi-pen should be used no matter what the ingested substance was and no matter how slight the reaction is. My only guess for the CA girl is that the reaction was too advanced by the time the epi was given. An epi overdose or giving it when not really needed, can be reversed. Death cannot. Any thoughts on overreacting?

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By Katiedid50 on Fri, 08-30-13, 19:53

The Rice Krispie treat was made with peanut butter which she realized right away and spit it out,they should have given the epi pen. It depends on the doctor though and her dad is a doctor (not neccasarily and allergist but a doctor) My son is also allergic to eggs but his only reaction has been itching and eczema, no anaphylaxis. They should have given her mom some sort of allergy action plan to follow. It's all very confusing and every case is different. Scary though, my son started kindergarten this week and I've been half-expecting a phone call because his school isn't peanut free.

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