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Does activity make an anaphylactic reaction worse?

The school year has begun and with it brings more questions about the procedures the nurse has implemented this year. I have been instructing my child to get to the nurse's office ASAP if there is any question of a reaction occurring and this was confirmed in something I read on another site. However, the nurse has instructed the teachers to call her to the classroom to treat my child if they suspect a reaction because getting to her office may exacerbate the reaction. Can anyone give me the correct answer? Should the child stay put or get to the nurse's office ASAP? Does activity make an anaphylactic reaction worse?

By PeanutAllergy.com on Thu, 09-12-13, 17:24

Hi alwaysbusy173,

We posted this question on our Facebook page, and it got several responses. You can see what our fans had to say by following this link - https://www.facebook.com/PeanutsAllergy/posts/595817700456825

Thank you!

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