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Welcome Market, Inc. dba 99 Ranch Market of Union City, CA is recalling “Taro Toast”, “Family Toast”, “U-Ta-Ne Toast”, “Raisin Toast”, “Green Onion...
CS Best Food Inc., a Panorama City, Calif. establishment, is recalling approximately 6,560 pounds of pork products due to misbranding and undeclared...
Schwartz Brothers Bakery of Seattle, Washington is recalling “Everything Bagels” because product contains milk but it is not declared as the...
I'm an investigative reporter looking into how epi pens are managed (or mismanaged) in public schools (specifically interested in NYS, but also open...
Hello This is my first posting. I am a newly diagnosed PA/TNA individual. I am having a really hard time finding safe shampoos, soaps, makeup, etc...
My son (12-years-old) is starting to attend bar and bat mitzvah parties without us. What have you done in the past to determine what is safe (or not...
Hello everyone!! My son has a PA/TNA/Egg allergy that has been diagnosed by a pediatric allergist. He has been seen by our allergist and a...
Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has an allergy to cumin? If so, what is your reaction? Thanks, Adele (PA)
Why can people not smoke (except in designated areas) at sporting events (okay, baseball games) --- the smoking being something that may kill/harm...
I recently went to a cooking class and was shown how to make sushi rolls. I think my son would like these and they are really not that hard to make....

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