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Hi everybody. I am new to this board so please excuse my manners if I step on anyone's toes. I am completing a research project and need someone...
Messed the first post up :) just wanted to let myself be known and see if i can be help to anybody that needs to talk or has questions, and hey its...
Has anyone had a reaction to banquet chicken products. My daughter had a severe anaphalatic reaction to banquet chicken nuggets. I was wondering if...
New member to site, longtime member to TN/PN Allerggy
My son is 5 and has a severe allergy to peanuts. He has recently become more aware of his allergy and the risks of peanuts which is good, but with...
Hi all, I am new here, and new to peanut allergy. Still in the "sad and stunned " phase of giving up peanuts and peanut butter. I have had seasonal...
I'm a new member; I hope this is a proper format for my question. I am 73 years old and have been allergic since age two. Am I the oldest to have...
Do people have to stay away from them if they eat peanuts? For how long?
My oldest is allergic to nuts, and we are a nut-free home. My younger children have not been introduced to nuts because I can't figure out a safe...
I posted a request the other day for you to participate in a market survey for a potential device to test for peanuts in food at home, at a friends...

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