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We recently flew our 1st flight with our 2 yrs old son, allergic to many foods, including peanuts. While I had to follow up with the terminal, gate...
Hi all! I was quite distressed last night going through my son's halloween candy looking for all the peanut products. In the end we got a whole...
I have some real questions about my child's Allergies. However, to present the questions in their proper perspective, I need to spell out much of her...
My daughter is 4 years of age. She has had peanut butter once and came out in hives.I never gave her peanut butter again. I cooked a stirfry which I...
Hi, We have a three-year old son who is allergic to peanuts, eggs, dairy, and tree nuts. His peanut IgE reading was above 100 and we were told by...
My son has SEVERE food allergies to both milk and egg. Anaphylactic to both ingestion and contact of these. He is two years old. Yesterday he had his...
Whenever I explain about my son's allergy to people, they always ask if he is allergic to the smell of peanuts. I really can't tell if he is smell...
I just sent two e-mails regarding Chex Mix (the pre-made kind without whole peanuts still is made from peanut flour.) and Booberry and Count Chocula...
Hi! I'm new to this board, but I've taken everthing to heart. My 4 yr old has PA, and is pre-school. The director of the school has been doing her...
How does your school or class handle Halloween with the PB allergic child? How do you handle Halloween Night?

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