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Allergen Labeling at Whole Foods Bakery Dept. Around Boston

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By jenniferbfab on Thu, 09-11-08, 02:24

I spoke with the Bakery Coordinator for Whole Foods North Atlantic Region stores today about contradictory allergen labeling on some items in their bakery. He shared some information which you may find interesting. The Coordinator said that Whole Foods has very strict requirements which must be met in order for a product to be labeled and sold as "nut-free" or "peanut-free". In fact, there are only 2 nut-free products at Whole Foods: Sha Sha's Cookies and Divvies. In order for a product to be labeled as "nut free" or "peanut free", the manufacturer must provide documentation that the product is certified "nut free" or "peanut free" all the way from the suppliers of ingredients to the finished product. That sounds like a good policy to me!

If you are interested in the story about the labeling problems there, feel free to check it out on [url="http://www.foodallergybuzz.com"]Food Allergy Buzz[/url]. The labeling has been an ongoing problem since at least June 2008! (I happened to discover the problem because I wanted to see what cakes from Cafe Indigo were like; then I found out the cake was labeled as nut-free but was being sliced and packaged in an environment which is not nut-free.)

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