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Allerenergy Bars

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By on Mon, 06-14-04, 23:19

Check out [url="http://www.allerenergy.com."]www.allerenergy.com.[/url] It is a company that makes an energy bar that is free of all major allergens. My PA son really liked them, my other son did not. Full of healthy stuff! They do not list sesame free, but I received an email saying that they are also sesame free.

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By Suzy Q on Tue, 06-15-04, 18:07

We also recently ordered these. They are pretty good considering that I haven't been able to find anything in the store that doesn't have a PN warning. I think the price is also reasonable compared to other energy bars. We ordered the chocolate chip and they reminded me of a chocolate chip granola bar.

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By gw_mom3 on Wed, 06-16-04, 04:06

I was going to order these but thought they were just a little too expensive for us. My kids would go through them too fast. I wish I could find them at the store so I wouldn't have to buy so many at once.


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By California Mom on Wed, 06-16-04, 15:34

I think I will order these. It is expensive to order so many, but I think my dd would really like having them. I also like the idea of supporting a business that is actually putting themselves out there to serve the allergic community!

I'll let you all know what we think...

[img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img] Miriam

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By on Thu, 06-17-04, 01:35

My son is going thru the box pretty quick! I am surprised he likes them. He has quite a sweet tooth and these are not sweet---to me anyway. We got the choc. chip ones.

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By Gwen 5 on Fri, 06-18-04, 14:47

I ordered these this morning- 2 boxes- I also like the idea of supporting a company that is helping us in the PN/TN/Sesame free world!!!

I hope my dd likes them!!

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By California Mom on Mon, 06-21-04, 00:12

Well - I have to give the company major kudos for their fast delivery, we got them yesterday!!! I think they are really quite tasty. My pa nine year old likes them, too. My four year old isn't exactly crazy about them.

It is pretty amazing that they are free of so many different allergens.

Give them a try...

[img]http://uumor.pair.com/nutalle2/peanutallergy/smile.gif[/img] Miriam

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By yuck2nuts on Wed, 08-04-04, 17:38

We just got our first order and my 4 year old dd loves them...her first granola bar ever!

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By yuck2nuts on Fri, 06-10-05, 16:34

I just wanted to bump this up because we have been enjoying these granola bars for nearly a year now. They have a long shelf life and are an easy snack!

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By cooper on Wed, 07-06-05, 05:03

bumping up

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By Jimmy's mom on Wed, 07-06-05, 10:31

What a great idea! I have been using energy bars for the past year as I have been training for a 60-mile walk that I am doing this weekend. But I couldn't find a PA safe brand, so I keep them in a plastic box on the top shelf of the pantry, with a big warning that says "Contains peanuts, NOT for Jimmy!" on it. If I keep in training (that is if I decide to do next year's walk) I will order some of these.

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