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i have a peanut and tree nut allergy and i was wondering if yoplait yogurt is okay?

By Ashkay274 on Thu, 05-07-15, 20:01

I have not called yoplait, but I have a peanut allergy and have been eating yoplait yogurt for as long as I can remember with no problems. I have avoided other brands like chobani, and yo crunch because they sell yogurt that comes with nut and candy toppings.

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By smithdcrk on Wed, 05-06-15, 13:58

The best advice I can give is to call Yoplait customer service if you have any concerns.

We found a new granola bar whose recipe/ingredients were peanut-free, I contacted the manufacturer who warned me that their small enterprise shared cooking facilities with a bakery that made a variety of cookies including tree nuts and peanuts. Definitely a cross-contact risk there.

Another granola bar brand that did not list peanuts admitted that they did use the same facility for all of their bars, but assured me they washed the line done between runs. We decided to avoid those, too. Good thing. A few months later there was a recall for undeclared allergens in their products. Wash didn't work as well as they hoped, but they did warn me.

Always Call.

By camila_k on Wed, 05-06-15, 19:32

Thank you!

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