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Our family has just received the Epi medication to use in case our son Spencer were to have an allergic reaction. I have no idea what to expect to...
You are exactly the kind of person I have been wanting to ask this of. My son is 10 years old and recently had allergy testing. He is allergic to...
Did anyone attend the conference in Baltimore last weekend? Any interesting speakers? Please give us a summary of what you saw, heard.....(or if I...
I just received a FAN alert regarding the Pepperidge Farm Goldfish. It states: "There has been some confusion regarding the consumer alert on...
Hi, I was just wondering if there are any statistic's out there on how many reactions per year is normal for the peanut allergic child. My son is...
This was sent to us> Hello, I do not have a peanut allergy but am a Children's Ward sister and Nurse Teacher in England. We use arachis Oil...
Steve posted that a couple of the fast food resaurants list all ing. on web site. He also mentioned that Wendy's doesn't do this. My question, did...
My friend says she just bought a container of Ben and Jerry's ice cream ,and on the ingredients that have a caution for food allergic individuals...
In the April 99 issue of Child magazine, there is a article on food allergies, focusing somewhat on peanut allergies. Suprising though there is no...

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Where do you get your peanut allergy information?
The internet
My allergist
Friends or family
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