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I have two children. The oldest has PB allergy. The youngest, through smell,touch, injestion,&skin testing(all under the specialist supervision...
FROM NO NUTS! More news for you regarding nuts and allergies to them. Whilst reading a popular weekly magazine, I found the following article. I am...
We went to Bubba Gumps resturant this summer located at Navy Pier, Chicago. It is now a nationwide chain. I have been very careful to ask about...
Our son will be starting kindergarden this fall at a parochial school. He will not be eating in the cafeteria this year, but they have a policy that...
I remember that someone on this cite has a child who is anaphylaxic to strawberries, but can't remember which post. My son has been restricted from...
We have two children, ages 2 and 4. My wife has eczema and severe peanut allergy. We believe the children have not been exposed to any nuts, so we...
I have had a difficult time, like many of you getting through to the school. I started at my son's IEP meeting in May ( he also has a speech delay,...
I have just moved to the base and am looking for others interested in starting a support group. Please contact me.
We have a group of caring, informative "moms" who meet once a month in the Huntington Beach area to share information about our kid's severe food...
I'd love to know if there are any support groups in southern Ca.? Or if you would like to start one. I am aware of at least 4 kids with the allergy...

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