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We've been offered the opportunity to have our daughter's school purchase cupcakes which will be the only food offered at school birthday parties......
With spring just around the corner and the snow starting to melt i thought I would bring up a fun topic...vacations! Any really great vacation spots...
I have a five year old son who has a peanut allergy and I also have an 18 month old son whom has never knowingly consumed any peanut product, so I do...
Hi everyone. I just found this webpage -- It's great. My son Miles is now 14. He was diagnosed with a peanunt allergy when he was 3 1/2. My...
Hi everyone, My son is enrolled in nursery school for September. Next week they have an open house at which I will be talking briefly about Ben and...
Is anyone interested in helping to start a Food Allergy support group in Annapolis, MD area? This would be following the format recommended by the...
Hi, Anyone in the Newmarket area wanting to start a group?
I have severe peanut allergy. After exposure to something which had to be peanuts (that's another story) FOUR WEEKS AGO< I am still reacting. My...
Hi! My name is Jennifer and I am going to Kindergarten in September. Are there any hints for staying safe at school? My Mom is going to meet with...
Does anyone have any information about marshmallows? I know that Kraft sold their candy manufacturing business,so they no longer make the Stay-Puft...

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