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Just a reminder that Snackwell's mint creme cookies, that look innocent and look like Girl Scout cookies, contain peanut flour. I plan on contacting...
I just contacted the Prince William County (Virginia) 504 coordinator. In some ways it was a great conversation, in some ways it was disturbing....
Did you see the article on nuts by Jane Brody? It was about the nutritional vallue of nuts. Happily they qualified their recommendation by creating...
My son is almost 4 and is allergic to all nuts. I have just discovered this site and I can see I will be using it alot. I really need to see how...
Hi, I thought I'd share this recipe. It uses no eggs! I haven't tried it yet, but friends say it is good! World's Easiest Chocolate Cake (Crazy Cake...
Help make a list of organizations and people who want better labeling. Those interested in helping to get better labeling. We need to organize our...
I know this isn't directly related to peanut allergy, but a lot of us have children using these antihistamines so I thought it was worth posting. An...
A recent issue of Parenting magazine (January?) had a nice blurb about cross-contamination. The focus was not on "food allergies.... It was more of...
Marietta, I've tried to read two of your posts now and I get "server errors" or "URL not found." Any idea what is going on? Christine
I was just thinking it might be smart to have the problems with nutrigrain reported to FAN. Maybe a phone call from them to Kelloggs (I think...

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