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In three days my daughter will be tested for the first time for a peanut allergy. I'm certain it was the peanut butter that gave her the anaphylactic...
Posted by Jim on January 14, 1999 at 22:00:25: Check out this short article released by Johns Hopkins: [url="http://www.medhelp.org/news/HR/...
Please check out the following site: [url="http://www.non-dairy.org/moo"]http://www.non-dairy.org/moo[/url] (search files)/parentdiningout.html This...
It is interesting to note that the labeling laws between Canada and the US,differ so greatly. I once contacted a company I believe it was either...
To help keep the board organized please put posts that are about the same topic together by replying to the main subject.
Schools are what this board is all about! If you want to hear from others who have already gone through what you are now going through, or if you...
This PeanutAllergy.Com Restaurant board is to put anything about restaurants on. Many people are looking for safe, peanutfree places to eat. Many...
Welcome to the airlines board. This is the place to discuss all airlines issues etc. Everything about airlines from accommodating peanutfree airline...

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