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I went to the park this morning with my two boys. My 1 yr old is PA. Well, there was someone there the whole time with 2 dogs running freely up to...
Hi All, I know we all teach our children NOT to accept food from other people due to possible cross-contamination with peanut products. [b]I think...
Newspaper article about peanut-free zone and schools. Click on this link [url="http://www.townonline.com/north/archive/072199/...
To our astonishment we recently found out that Chick-Fil-A uses peanut oil in deep frying their breaded chicken and chicken nuggets. Our son who is...
On 8-27-99 my local newspaper ran an article about peanut allergy and my 6 year old son. You can find the article on their web site at: [url="http://...
I was requested by Mr. Rick Little to forward this story to you about his child's allergies to peanuts. It has been Ok'd by our Managing Editor as...
Last year, I was prescribed an antibiotic for a urinary tract infection--no big deal right? The pharmacist happened to enclose the sheet of info....
my 3 year old and my 3 year old neighbor are both sereverly peanut allergic. My neighbor found nut pieces in the brownie that is packaged as the Kid...
My five month old son had a possible allergic reaction to peanuts. He was rushed to emergency and given a shot of sodium phenphrate???? and benadryl...
One question I have been pondering is at what age is a child old enough to give themselves their own epi-pen injection if needed?

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