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Any reaction to Greens Dutch Chocolate ice cream?

I was attending a senior activity at my synaogue this afternoon 03/20/2013. After one taste of Greens Premium Dutch Chocolate Ice Cream, I tasted peanut butter. I asked my husband to taste it. He said he tasted peanut butter in and around chocolate pieces. I took 3 Benadryl tablets and gave myself one epipen dosage. On the way to the ER, I called Greens (run around avoided in this telling) and spoke to a customer rep. I told him I did not have the cover of the container with me. We did have the empty container. My husband dropped me at the ER and went back for the [paper] dish and if possible the container cover. The customer service rep. on the phone asked if I had a sample and/or the code/production date. My husband got the dish of ice cream, not the cover. The dish (in a plastic container) is now in my freezer. I plan to call greens again and ask what do they want me to do with the sample.

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