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alcoholic beverages

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By carpediem on Fri, 08-10-07, 08:27

Hi. Can anyone tell me if beer and wine might possibly contain peanuts or tree nuts? I know some drink mixes might contain nuts, but I haven't heard of any beer or wine containing nut derivatives.

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By giester2 on Fri, 08-10-07, 17:33

my allergies :nuts, wheat, rice, soy bean,

Standard American beer should not contain nuts. But beer from a micro brewery or international beer might depending on the additives they put in it. (Soy?)

Myself, I do okay with pilsners, but if I get into the darker ales, I start to have breathing problems. I think this has more to do with the grains they use then actually containing nuts.

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By momll70 on Sat, 08-11-07, 19:05

I've never had a peanut reaction with wine. Although one time not too long ago I had wine and started to get itchy eyes and throat but I think it had to do with something I ate. My sister cooked and there could have been some spice (oregano) which bothers me sometimes. I don't think it was the wine because I have never experienced a reaction to it before and I react different to peanuts, I don't itch.

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By nosoyforme on Mon, 08-20-07, 15:37

Does anyone have any drinks they react to?
Would be good to get some more info on this subject.

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By giester2 on Mon, 08-20-07, 16:25

go to

and do a search for "nut". also do a search for "amaretto" which is an almond liquer. It is mind boggling. Didn't even know many of these drinks existed.

I would be concern with anything that comes in a glass from a bar

Most bartenders do not concern themselves with cross contamination and drinking glasses. USually the the glasses get "dunked" and reused

I had an allergic reaction due to x-contamination at a bar because of this

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