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We are traveling overseas next month on Korean Air---- who has not been very accomodating. Does anyone think that sitting on the second floor (747) would make any difference? I feel that my son...
Anyone fly since the switch away from peanuts? We will be flying in November.
Are there any??? We are looking for any language to help us advocate for safer airline flights for food allergic passengers.
We are flying Alberta to California and want to fly Westjet. Any advice?
I just traveled from Phoenix to Tulsa on Southwest with my 7yr old peanut allergic son and my 3 yr old. I had called ahead and given notification. When I got to the gate and hour early, they said I...
Has anyone flown United/America West/Mesa since they quit serving peanuts? We are trying to book flights for Christmas before it gets too expensive and we are trying to get the best deal. American...
I've read the previous post on the Airline forum about bringing epi onboard an aircraft - but has anyone had any other meds questioned? Inhaler? Benadryl? I called Southwest and was told that ALL...
I just returned from an Arizona to S.C. round trip on Delta. No sign of the previous 'meals for purchase' that included PB sandwiches. They now offer a snack-pack with shortbread (may-contains) a...
Just flew from NY to San Francisco. Great flight, head flight attendant tells me he's pa too and asks if I want him to just make the immediate area of rows peanut free or ask everyone on the plane...
Well things are apparently back to normal with Qantas. Rang the Singapore office to day, as we are flying out on Sat. night just to reinform them about DS allergy and that we would be carrying epi-...
We have just flown on Thai Airways, from L.A. to Bangkok. It took some coordination and communications, but I was able to ask for non-peanut snacks for the entire flight. They served pretzels (which...
Has anybody flown with Midwest Airlines? I did a search and something came up from 6 years ago. I was wondering if they are safe for someone with PA.
We're traveling to Disney in May (on United) and I was checking out the [url="http://www.wdwinfo.com"]www.wdwinfo.com[/url] discussion boards. There was a discussion of a type of messenger bags....
We just flew American round trip to visit my MIL in Florida. Of course, at the time of our reservation we checked to make sure they weren't serving peanuts/tree nuts. They said no, just pretzels....
Anyone fly either of these lately? How were they about peanut and nut allergies? What did they serve for snacks and meals?
Hi, Guys, We just got back from Disney (They're so great there about food allergies-I think they should spread their magic in all restaurants, and airlines, too). Anyway, we chose American Airlines...
We just got back from flying to London and back on british air. They have a written no peanut policy so I felt safe flying with my son who is peanut and tree nut allergic. They did not serve actual...
We are getting ready to move our family to Hong Kong (which is another topic). We will be flying there on Korean Air. Has anyone ever flown with them? My toddler is severely allergic. I am very...
Can anyone suggest a peanut/nut free airline to fly to Israel? Thanks.
G'day everyone, I'm posting this from Albuquerque NM. I flew over yesterday with Qantas. Their stuck-in-the-mud attitude to peanuts being served with drinks seems to have changed - they served a...
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