A search isn't giving me this info., so I will ask the question. Which airlines currently never serve peanuts? I'm not dealing with TNA, so I'm only concerned about peanuts. I can't figure it out...
I just wanted to let anyone know who may be flying, that we had a pretty good experience with USAir this past month. We flew from Philly to Orlando. I had called before to ask about the snack, and...
I'm trying to book a flight for my family from Newark to Orlando in April. My 7 year old son is PA, but not airborne sensitive. However, the thought of travelling in a sealed container for 3 hours...
We're flying with DD next month and I'm concerned about bringing food on the plane. Does anyone know if it's allowed? It's about a 4hr flight and I wouldn't allow DD to eat any of their snacks. I...
I don't know how to post an article here, but the NY Times Business section had an article today on how airlines have had to cut back on cleaning...it's titled, "Beware of the Squish Behind the Jet...
We flew Northwest this weekend and I thought I'd share that they didn't serve any snack to our flight because I told the gate agent that my dds are allergic to pn. Their decision, even. I didn't...
Air Canada banned all nuts about 4 years ago on flights, but now they serve Cashews!!
I just traveled with my 7 year old PA on Continental Airlines. We too had to use frequent flier miles to see our ailing grandmother, and had little choice. The following are a few responses I was...
Anyone dealing w/PA fly Southwest from Manchester to Orlando? We are thinking about taking the first flight out. Any feedback or suggestions? We would love to go to Disney but are scared to fly and...
Just wanted to let people know that they do not use peanuts on their flights. I flew ANZ from Los Angeles to Tahiti in October without a problem. I brought wetones to wipe the tray and arm rests in...
We just cancelled flights dh and ds had on Southwest. Even though we had non-refundable tickets, we were able to get a full refund. Given the new security concerns and no liquids being allowed in...
Has anyone travelled Jet Star in Asia? I am hoping to book a (very cheap!) flight with them in April, but wanted to check first if people here have had any experience with them. Thanks, Susan
Just wanted you all to know that we just got back from a trip to DisneyWorld. We flew Continental. I was prepared with my DS PA medications and snacks, but my biggest concern all along was how he...
I would add this post to an earlier Southwest thread, but so much of it is dated information. I flew PHX to BWI nonstop, roundtrip a week or two ago. (5+ hours each way) Though the PHX to BWI...
Hi All, Flew Jet Blue for our trip to New York. I was very surprised that they served cashews. We avoid all nuts --My son is more allergic to peanuts but also has a tree nut allergy. They...
Hi all- I fly American all the time, and have rarely had problems domestic. Where I have had problems with my daughter (peanut & tree nut allergy) is on international. They would never provide...
We flew last week on Frontier at the last minute because of a family emergency and Frontier was awesome! We had 2 flights each way and on each flight the crew made announcements to the passengers...
US AIR is now selling trail mix that according to one rep includes "walnuts, cashews and pecans." I am unable to confirm if this is correct--but I can confirm they are selling nuts! The snacks are...
We are traveling overseas next month on Korean Air---- who has not been very accomodating. Does anyone think that sitting on the second floor (747) would make any difference? I feel that my son...
Anyone fly since the switch away from peanuts? We will be flying in November.

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