How are they RE Nut allergies?
I'd appreciate input from anyone with a safe, peanut free flight to Italy. Thanks
We used SowthWest Airlines this month and they were Great about our son's PA. When I booked the tickets they flagged our reservation and we were told to check in at least an hour before our flight so...
We are trying to decide whether to drive or fly from Dallas to Tampa this summer. If we fly it will be American as it is only a two-ish hour non-stop flight. My question is, has anyone ever been able...
I just returned from a cross country trip on US Airways, and due to MULTIPLE issues surrounding cancelled flights, missed connections and overnight airport strandings, I was upgraded to a first class...
We just returned from roundtrip flights from Buffalo to Orlando. We flew Delta there, and Continental on the return flight. We notified both airlines ahead of time of daughter's peanut allergy....
We're flying with SkyService out of Toronto to Dominican. I will e-mail the Air Lines once I have specific flight info, etc. Anyone have any exprience - good or bad? We (without PA son) flew...
Hi all! Has anyone flown with EpiPens in their carry-on luggage since the new rules in Sept2006? I'm flying on United cross country (USA) in a few weeks and just want to make sure there's no issues...
Just an FYI for everyone: A few months ago, my husband and I booked flights for ourselves and our daughter (PA/TNA) with American. We were told that no nuts would be served and that an announcement...
Have to say kudos to the Delta staff on our last trip (1st trip with PA son) from BNA to MCO. First nonstop flight, the stewardess made the announcement that although there would be no service on...
Hi all! I have seen topics about epi pens on planes...but has anyone ever taken a portable nebulizer on the plane? I am personally not comfortable travelling without it, when DD has an allergic...
Has anyone had any luck with Alaska Air's "Peanut Free Buffer Zone"? [This message has been edited by mom2lily&thomas (edited April 04, 2006).]
Bathroom soap on United flights smells like almonds. . . anyone know anything about this?
I love this site! I have lurked and gotten so much info! My daughter is 3.5 and is PA only. She has only had the skin prick testing done and in Nov when she was retested it was a "13", and she was...
Corvallis Mom remarked on another thread that she wouldn't fly with her daughter. This has got me thinking. We've flown many times with our PA/TNA dd many times, as far as Alaska (we live in...
Something in another thread got me thinking. If you are flying on an airline that does not serve peanuts (ie, AirTran) is it their responsibility to make sure other passengers do not bring peanuts...
Hi...does anyone have any recommendations for a good airline to fly over to France? Or what their experience might be on AirFrance? I have one son with peanut allergies (age 1) and another with...
hey - I saw this today after perusing airline "in flight service" pages: from here: [url="http://www.united.com/page/article/0,6722,51257,00.html"]http://www.united.com/page/article/0,6722,51257,00....
We flew Southwest Airlines with our peanut and milk allergic 3 yr old son and had a very good experience. I called the airline prior to flying and was told to let the front desk know before boarding...
does anyone have any info on air-borne allergans causing problems with peanut allergy kids on airlines. i think most airlines are becoming better at peanut issues but all will say that they can't...

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