According to FAN, United Airlines is the only airline to be consistantly peanut-free. I just recently flew on United with my pa daughter. When making my reservartions I mentioned her situation and...
Hello all, We have an 8 year old who is highly allergic to peanuts/chic peas/lentils. We are considering flying from NJ to Orlando. We would appreciate any advice. Thanks!!!!
On March 15th I had a severe peanut allergy after eating a chocolate chip oreo cookie (cross contamination). I ended up at the ER and stayed there overnight. I learned about my peanut allergy when I...
After a discussion with the director of Consumer Affairs at Alaska Airlines, I learned the following: 1) Although Alaska Airlines reservationists may take down your request for a peanut-free and/or...
I have a question my son is allergic to peanuts and eggs what advice on traveling on planes would help i am very new to this whole no peanuts and eggs?
This has probably been asked, so I apologize in advance. My wife and I just found out that our 3 yr old son is highly allergic to peanuts ( > 100). We knew he was allergic to peanuts at just...
I am also looking for a carrier that is peanut free to travel from Malaysia to Canada. I had thought that Canadian Airlines(CP) that was peanut free. But perhaps it is only on domestic (within Canada...
Alcon, My name is David Jones, I am a qualified Allergy and Immunology Instructor, my company Educational Medical Services has just had its 2 hr training course nationally accredited by the School...
Hi I was wondering if anyone with a severe peanut allergy has flown with Korean Air. I'm leaving from Dulles International to Incheon in two weeks, and was wondering what to expect from this airline...
We have flown Delta in the past and they were quite accommodating of our daughter's peanut allergy with the 24 hours notice. They served pretzels instead of peanuts. Now, they are stuck on the "we...
As a consultant, I am a frequent flyer, and have flown since I was 3 years old (I am almost 26 years old now). I was a loyal frequent flyer with Delta since age 3. My peanut allergy didn't develop...
Taking my daughter to Switzerland and probably flying delta. I can not find any info on the ingredients of what is served onboard international flight. Any suggestions?
Recently, Malaysia Airlines refused to board us in Hong Kong even with the provided doctor note. We did what the Airlines requested which is to get a doctor note stating my child is fit to travel...
I just got back from a trip to Salt Lake City on Delta Airlines. I had called them a few nights before the flight to verify about not serving peanuts on the plane. I was informed that they would...
If you are allergic to peanuts is it proper to notify the airline steward not to serve peanuts to people in your vicinity?
For the sixth time since January 1, most airlines have increased their standard costs. This recent $10 boost in standard fares is especially significant because Southwest, usually a holdout, followed...
Hi everyone, Does anyone remember Sophia Huyer and Rhonda Nugent who filed a complaint to Canadian Transportation Agency about travelling with Air Canada? news link here: http://www.cbc.ca/news/story...
Almost two years ago I was denied boarding privilages in Hong Kong China to return to the United States because of my peanut allergy. They refused to not serve peanuts on the flight, and then...
Flights to Japan will be reduced by Delta Air Lines. Delta, along with other airlines, is being put to the situation because of conditions imposed by the earthquake and tsunami. Demand for air travel...
For the sixth time since Jan. 1, most airlines have increased their standard prices. This particular boost in fares is unusual because Southwest was integrated. Southwest is typically the holdout on...

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