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We went to the allergist the other day after a hives reaction to PB on skin. She took blood to test for PA but said to assume that he had it. My ped...
AAAAI home page [url="http://www.aaaai.org/"]http://www.aaaai.org/[/url] This was sent to us, remember if you hear or find something on peanut...
Are there braclets available somewhere for PA? I have seen some patches.. thanks! julie
Does anyone have any statistics on how many people in the U.S. have peanut allergy? Also, what percentage of these allergies are life-threatening?...
Hi everyone, My son Alex is 2and1/2 years and we found out he had a PA at 16mos. through a blood test ordered by our peditrician. Our peditrician...
Hi Everyone! My daughter Madison is about due for her 3rd Birthday and her three year well baby check. I am wondering if any of you parents of PA...
Has anyone ever heard of Cap-Rast Tests going down over time? My daughter's results were off the charts at 5 years of age. Now, she's almost 9....
Just to let you know...I noticed some people on this site are allergic to soy beans. Oil of Olay body wash contains soy bean oil!
HELP WANTED!! I am fairly new to this web-site with a 5-year old PA son and have been reading topics concerning the possible cross contamination of...
[url="http://www.quorumallergy.com"]www.quorumallergy.com[/url] has cool patches for your toddlers clothes, school bad epi pen kit. Worth a look.

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