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Teen with Peanut Allergies Traveling to Hungary & Austria-

Teen with Peanut Allergies Traveling to Hungary & Austria- I am a teenager and I have a severe peanut allergy (I go into anaphylactic shock when I ingest peanuts). Also, Keep in mind that I'm a mini expert at my allergies for being a teen haha. I am traveling to Vienna/Salzburg Austria and Budapest Hungary.

I have never flown internationally and two of my flights have meals provided. Anyone with experience- What are the usual meals and how have you dealt with your allergy?

I was also wondering.... If anyone can translate "I have severe peanut allergies" and "Do you fry your food in peanut oil?" into German and (in the appropriate Budapest dialect) into Hungarian that would be fabulous!! Also If anyone has any other helpful info that I should know for traveling in that area please let me know!


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