severe peanut allergy and booked a flight with Delta

On March 15th I had a severe peanut allergy after eating a chocolate chip oreo cookie (cross contamination). I ended up at the ER and stayed there overnight. I learned about my peanut allergy when I was around 13, but recently I have gotten a severe reaction, I am now 17. I booked a flight with Delta and have told them before hand and they said that my allergy will appear on their records. I have not been on a plane since I was a toddler, and I learned about my allergy a few years ago. Right now I am a bit paranoid since I do not want to get the same reaction again (throat closing up, hives on neck and chest, and coughing). I am going to carry all of my meds when I am flying and bring food but now I have a sense of insecurity, I get nightmares imagining getting a severe reaction again. Any suggestions to what I can do to be more prepared and comforted?

By Chantel Donnan on Wed, 04-10-13, 00:49

I think knowing you have all your meds with you and have your own food will calm your nerves on future flights. It's a scary thing ot experience but your nerves will relax in time. Now you just know to be a bit more careful, because most people don't understand the severity of a peanut allergy and won't take the necessary extreme precautions.

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