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I just posted this under Taking Action I need to repost it

I just posted this under Taking Action I need to repost it here.


Last night wer were flying home from Denver. We have flown many airlines including Alaska, Virgin and Southwest airlines. When we board we ask for their help, The airlines have been willing not to pass out nuts and make an announcement to request passengers to refrain from eating peanuts. While we know these measures to not provide a guarantee of safety, they help and are appreciated.

When we asked Frontier to do the same as other airlines, we were yelled at. They stated it is their "Policy" not to help anyone with food allergies and that they not only would not make an announcement they would also sell large bags of peanuts to other passengers on the airplane. When we stated this was placing our daughter's life at risk they stated they did not care. When we became upset, Frontier KICKED US OFF THE PANE!!:

Yes, you read that correctly, we were kicked off the airplane because of our disability.

When I stated I would post this experience on line we were told to "go fly other airlines!"
They encouraged me to write this here as they do not want other peanut allergy individuals to fly with them.

What we experienced was nothing short of bullying and bigotry. I am not convinced it was legal, but I will find out.

In the meantime,


By Jens3cakes on Fri, 10-10-14, 18:41

Not ever flying Frontier!

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