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I've "researched" on kissing with a peanut allergy on the internet and I still have one question that isn't answered anywhere! Is it safe for the...
The night after my 3 year old son had undergone a skin prick test for pa (positive), he developed a fever that lasted a good 36 hours. Children's...
Got this response today... "Our company is in a transitional period where we are phasing out our products that contained peanuts. We began this...
Hello- I have a teenager with a peanut allergy going on a 10 day backpacking trip to Philmont Ranch in New Mexico this July. I need to find and...
Hello, I am a new mom! My daughter (17 month old) was diagnosed this past Saturday with peanut allergies after a severe reaction. It was the scariest...
FYI- I tried this (prior to receiving a response), and I didn't have a problem with it. It only took me four attempts and 1 piece of conflicting...
We are going to a picnic tomorrow and there will be different food trucks. One of the trucks is Good Humor? My daughter has never had that ice cream...
Hello. I have recently discovered that I have a severe peanut inhalation reaction. If I am near peanuts or something with peanuts in them, I begin...
I am a teenager and I have a severe peanut allergy and shellfish and I'm travelling to London in 3 weeks. I'm worried because it is my first time...
I am allergic to tree nuts... Has anybody tried Twizzlers? If so, what kind?

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