I have not been on an airplane in 18 years. I am not more aware of my peanut allergy than when I was 16, have children and severe anxiety. Panic attacks are the result of my allergy I'm sure. How can...
Good thing it is a Cartier name! The brand with the same name as the classic car that almost epitomized Cartier era art deco cars has two new models that will come out in 2011. The watches are the...
This might be the best piece of art y'all have, says rapper Cartier (aka, "Baby, " aka Brian Williams) in regard to a diamond encrusted Cartier watch that he is receiving for the first time in the...
I've been reading a lot about air travel and some people's ignorant comments are shocking. However there were two I wondered about. One person said give child Benadryl as a preventative before...
I just posted this under Taking Action I need to repost it here. BOYCOTT FRONTIER AIRLINES Last night wer were flying home from Denver. We have flown many airlines including Alaska, Virgin and...
Teen with Peanut Allergies Traveling to Hungary & Austria- I am a teenager and I have a severe peanut allergy (I go into anaphylactic shock when I ingest peanuts). Also, Keep in mind that I'm a...
Hi I am asking does any one know a safe way for a adult 19 yrs old to safely travel to Dubai from Ireland that has a severe nut allergy and how would Dubai suit such a person to eat at and travel
Teen with Peanut Allergies Traveling to Hungary & Austria- I am a teenager and I have a severe peanut allergy (I go into anaphylactic shock when I ingest peanuts). Also, Keep in mind that I'm a...
Hi everyone!!.. My family will Be going in vacation in 1 week to the Bahamas.. I'm very nervous since we will be flying and my 4 1/2 year old son is allergic to peanuts. We've notified the airline (...
I am PA/TNA and I'm expected to fly to Germany in September. Are there any airlines that would be safe for an airborne allergy like mine?
My family recently took a flight from Los Angeles to Oakland,Ca. The flight crew assured me that the flight did not include food service because the flight time was less than 1 hour. Ten minutes...
Does anyone have a list of airlines that are safe for international travel..especially Europe? Thanks
Any FB members might want to log in and see the discussion on peanut allergy on the Allegiant FB page. Lots of discrimination against those suffering from peanut allergy. Lots of people who just...
Just a big warning about Allegiant Airlines. While they do not serve snacks, they sell peanut M&Ms. We booked our flight not being aware of how callous they are about peanut allergy. I told them...
In my daughters IEP, her IHP is referred to, does that make the IHP legally binding?
In regards to what happened to Natalie Giorgi ( I work with her father), why would any airline still serve any nuts on a flight? I find this to be totally irresponsible. One bite, one smell could...
I called Delta Airlines to request a peanut-free flight. They said that all domestic Delta flights (including Delta Express and Delta Shuttle) no longer serve peanuts on their flights. They said...
After speaking to three different airlines and being told they do not serve peanuts but they will not make an announcement about passengers opening their own peanuts during the flight I have a...
I was diagnosed with my peanut allergy when I was two years old. I am now fifteen and haven't flown since I was a toddler and before I was diagnosed but this summer I have to fly across the country...

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