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Airline lawsuit - please join us

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By AnneH on Thu, 03-31-05, 22:51

As some of you know, last year my family was escorted off of a flight to visit relatives in Mexico because of our son's peanut allergy. (See the posts by Matthew and myself in the airline discussion.)

We were unable to find any airline which would fly us to our destination and would agree not to serve peanuts en route.

We have filed a complaint with the FAA.

We are now planning to file a complaint against the airline in federal court. We have filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Any information you all have with respect to airborne allergic reactions would be most welcome. The airline will no doubt be able to hire expert witnesses to try and refute our claim. We need your stories, your science, and, if you can spare it, donations for the costs that will be involved.

In talking with USDOT, they said that they'd been threatened during the appropriations process by the peanut lobby.

It's maddening that those of us dealing with PA are left behind when it comes to air travel.

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By aen on Tue, 01-03-06, 01:16

I am allergic to tree nuts (not peanuts, but can't find a tree nut allergy website), and travel frequently. I typically fly United, JetBlue or British Air. All of these airlines have responded well to my requests that I be seated far from nuts or that certain snacks not be made available. I take Benadryl before each flight and now wear surgical masks. Still, on an 11-hour flight from Seoul to San Francisco, I could smell the tree nuts served in first class and had the initial allergy symptoms--very itchy throat. It was terrifying. I recently flew on Northwest and found out midflight that they serve an almond and cashew snack. I had to beg the man next to me to not purchase it. I can't understand why airlines are still serving peanuts and tree nuts, and would like to support your efforts to convince them that it is a very bad idea. Please let me know of any letter writing campaigns or other efforts. Thank you.

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By Ponderosa on Sat, 01-14-06, 17:23

My husband's cousin died in 1997 after opening and smelling a jar of peanut butter. She did not ingest or touch the peanut butter. My son reacts with asthma and a rash to airborne peanut proteins.

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By Ponderosa on Sat, 01-14-06, 18:53

The e-mail link to you does not work.

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By cathlina on Sun, 01-15-06, 01:59

Thank you for filing this lawsuit. I have heard so many horror stories about things happening when they fly...that I am scared to.

Cars for me....

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